Safety Pins Only Please!! NO dressmakers pins for postal safety declaration!

Pinch and Pin and Send it in!

At side seams ‘pinch and pin’ with a safety pin. At skirt hemline ‘fold and pin’ through both layers of fabric to show desired length. At pants hemline ‘fold and pin’ at rear of heel, through both layers of fabric to show desired pants length. Bringing in shoulders is simply shown by pinning where your shoulders end, adding a little comfortable ‘ease’. The possibilities with alterations are endless, with darts, waistlines, bustlines, so please make sure to contact us first to ensure we know exactly what your pinning indicates.

Fitting Tips

Have somebody help you so that you remain standing straight for your fitting.
Wear shoes that you would normally wear with the garment.
Use sufficient pins to ensure fitting from underarms to hips etc
Once pinned, especially side seams, ensure you can:
*Take a full breath comfortably
*sit comfortably
*Cross your legs comfortably 
*Sufficient arms movement
*Make sure you can remove the garment without unpinning
*Pinning for size down may require taking in at centre back not only side seams
Please leave enough “ease” in your alteration for comfort. Where you put the pin is the new finish size and seam line.

Fitting Children

  1. Take extra care when pinning with safety pins for children
  2. Pants and skirts, elastic or zippered, ‘pinch and pin’ waistline at back through both layers.

Posting Your Pinned Garment 

  1. Fold the pinned areas of your garment towards the centre, for safe travels
  2. Wrap your garment with a plastic bag or colour fast paper that won’t leech colour onto your garment

Please Note

Please note that the pinned areas of your garment are not  the only seams that I will make the alterations to… excess is removed evenly throughout garment seams and center back.